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8mm, Super 8 & 16mm movie film home moviesAlpine Camera offers film transfer service for 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film home movies. We digitally scan your film and transfer the film contents to DVD, Blu-ray Disc (BD-R), archival M-DISC, or to data file formats such .avi, .mov, .mp4 and .wmv.


Our Process: We use film scanning machines that are able to take a picture of each individual film frame and output high definition or standard definition data files that we then reformat with our Adobe and Apple editing systems to produce the customers' requested final product. Common examples of final product output types are: 1) standard definition movies on DVD; 2) high definition movies on Blu-ray Disc; 3) high definition movie files (, .avi or .mp4) placed on data disc or external hard-drive; 4) numbered image sequence files (one jpg or .tiff file for each film frame) placed on external hard-drive; and 5) lower resolution, highly compressed data file formats (.mp4 and .wmv) for delivery via the Internet.


We offer both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) film transfer options. Our high definition (HD) film transfer has two (2) advantages over traditional standard definition (SD) transfer products: better picture quality and more content. High definition movies on Blu-ray Disc or as HD movie data files (.avi, .mov, or .mp4) are presented in 1920x1080p resolution, having much better color and clarity when shown on HDTV. There is also more content captured from the original film frames; resulting in a more complete transfer of what was originally recorded. The screenshot below shows the extra content captured by the HD film scanner. Everything outside the yellow standard definition (4x3 aspect) box can be included in our HD data file formats; which are ideal for do-it-yourself movie editors.


Standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) film to DVD transfer


Service Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for both standard definition and high definition film transfer services. Contact us for more information.


Tips for estimating film quantity: 3 inch film reels hold 50 film feet; 4 inch reels 100ft; 5 inch reels 200ft; a 7 inch reel holds 400ft; and a 10 inch reel holds 800 feet.


Average Turnaround for typical order: 3 weeks


Product Quality and Warranty: Delivered products are done per customer specification, and we correct to your satisfaction any problems caused by our workmanship.


Advantages for customer – professional quality service from reputable organization that has been doing film transfer since 1985.


More Information on our Film Transfer Service


Editing Options - We offer various video editing options such as background music, onscreen titles, voice narratives and pop-up text descriptions for silent film to customize the final transfer product and tell a better story. Many Super 8mm and 16mm films have sound, and we transfer this audio recorded content, as well, into the final product.


Color Correction - We offer basic color correction service for film that has suffered some dye failure or decay over time. Various film stocks can fade and we offer color correction to restore near original coloring.


Film Preparation - Film prep and cleaning is done on every film transfer job. Prior to digitizing film we repair old splices, remove blank film & damaged perforations and we replace the leader if necessary. Film is then hand cleaned with a special solvent to remove dirt, mold and dust, as well as, lubricate and condition the film stock. Film from multiple small reels (3" reels) is consolidated onto larger 7 inch reels for transferring purposes and for better storage. All original film is returned on either the film’s original reels or on 7 inch 400ft take-up reels. We offer ventilated archival can containers as an option for long term storage. We return all original film reels, canisters and boxes back to the customer.


Final Product - Depending upon your order, we place the digitized movies on DVD-R, Blu-ray Disc (BD-R), archival M-DISC, or as data files on data DVDs (4.7GB) or external hard-drives (up to 2TB in size). We use high-end quality DVD-R and BD-R discs from makers Taiyo Yuden (JVC), Falcon, and Verbatim. Our DVD-R is 100% compatible with customers’ DVD players, and our BD-Rs are 99% compatible with Blu-ray Disc players made after 2009. The disc surfaces and case sleeves are labeled per your instruction. We also offer Millenniata’s M-Disc as an archival video DVD or archival data DVD for long term storage. It is rated by the U.S. Dept. of Defense to last up to 1,000 years, we offer this disc to customers as a permanent backup copy. 


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