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Dot Line Corp.  Magic Rig V1 for HDSLR Cameras  

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Type:  Rig

Overview:  The Dot Line Magic Rig V1 is a lightweight support rig for a DSLR camera or...


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Dot Line Corp.-Magic Rig V1 for HDSLR Cameras-Video Camera Accessories





The Dot Line Magic Rig V1 is a lightweight support rig for a DSLR camera or compact camcorder. With a height-adjustable baseplate and a quick-release plate with a 1/4"-20 stud, the Magic Rig V1 will accommodate most cameras. Providing two points of contact for one-armed operation, the Magic Rig V1 is ideal for shooting video with small cameras. The operator's one hand holds the grip as the gunstock steadies the rig against the chest or bicep; meanwhile the other hand is free for adjusting zoom & focus, changing camera settings and triggering recording. 

The result is steady video and comfortable operation over long periods of time. The camera baseplate is offset from the hand grip and gunstock, so you can view your camera's LCD screen with a natural, forward-looking sight line. With thumbscrews throughout, you can adjust the positioning of just about any component so you can suit your specific camera, body type and operating style. 
In addition, the rig's rods are industry-standard 15mm size, which means the V1 is a modular rig that you can reconfigure endlessly, adding or substituting components to your heart's desire. The all-metal Magic Rig is durable yet lightweight at 1.6 lb.


  • Baseplate features heavy-duty quick-release plate for camera
  • Gunstock rod measures 12.5" long and features adjustment range of 10"
  • Supports any DSLR camera


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