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Interfit Photographic  Modi-lite Kit with Uni Mount #STR180 (New Arrivals)  

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Brand:  Interfit Photographic

Type:  Accessory Kit

Compatibility:  Most flash units

Features:  Beauty dish and accessoriesThe standard reflector is a multi purpose design...


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Interfit Photographic-Modi-lite Kit with Uni Mount #STR180 (New Arrivals)-Flash Accessories
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Interfit Photographic


Accessory Kit


Most flash units


Beauty dish and accessories
The standard reflector is a multi purpose design allowing the Beauty dish and Honeycomb to snap into place in seconds. The Beauty Dish is ideally placed around four feet from the subject either camera mounted or on a boom arm. Supplied with Transparent SNAP on disc to allow light to pass though or interchangeable with Soft Gold for a warm tone or Silver for neutral looking. effects. The honeycomb is ideal to create spot lights and can be used with colour gels.
Uni mount and color diffuser
The Uni - Mount serves as a multi purpose holder able to fit the majority of manufacturers flashguns, without the aid of any tabs, rubber bands or Velcro to obtain a firm grip on your flashgun up to a maximum size of 58 to 78 mm with a minimum grip of 30 mm. The colour Difuser supplied enable multiple light patterns to your background. The transparent difuser also makes an excellent neutral light source.The tungsten difuser allows you to work with a tungsten light source and flash at the same time or as a creative light source at 3200k.
Softbox, snoot, barndoors
The Softbox can be used directly on camera or off camera, with or without its soft cover for high contrast lighting. The Snoot is supplied with two honeycombs, add additional effects to the background or direct light to a small spot. Barndoor's fit directly in to the Uni - Mount to provide a soft uniform light pattern, used in many ways from portraits to backgrounds.
Educational DVD included
The Modilite kit is supplied with a unique insight into the Strobists world of hotshoe flashguns, on the DVD we show you how to set up the kit, assemble each of the items and show you how to use them and the effects that can be achieved with the Modilite kit Products.
We show you how to set up the camera for best use on this unique Educational DVD which is not available separately.
Set includes:

  • Snoot with 2 honeycomb diffuser
  • Globe diffuser
  • Set of 2 Barndoors
  • Clip-in honeycomb
  • Single Softbox 30cm x 21cm (12” x 8”) with white cover / silver inside.
  • Beauty dish with transparent, gold and silver snap-on disc
  • Set of colored diffusers (transparent, tungsten, red clip, yellow and blue)
  • Clip on honeycomb
  • Uni-mount
  • Educational DVD

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