Product Specifications

Phottix  Mini Wired Remote Shutter Release  

Main specs

Brand:  Phottix

Type of Accessory:  Wired Remote


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Phottix-Mini Wired Remote Shutter Release-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Wired Remote


Everyone wants to be the cool kid. The Phottix Mini Wired Remote Shutter Release is perfect for young hipster photographers looking to add some color to the black world of DSLR accessories.
The wired shutter release is a shiny black with a thin band of colored rubber, for a no-slip grip and increased coolness factor. The Mini has the same functions as wired remote: Half-press AF and full-press shutter release.
The Mini comes in Red, Yellow, Blue, Gray, Orange and Pink, and uses interchangeable Phottix Accessory Cables.


DSLR Cameras




Not Available

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