Our Store Services

Film Processing

High Quality custom 35mm, medium format, color and black & white photo processing, printing and enlargements

Camera & Video Repairs

Professional repair of new and vintage film and digital cameras, lenses, flashes and other photographic equipment in and out of warranty

Photo Restoration

Digital, old, vintage photo restoration and repair and custom image manipulation.

Video Transfer

Archival digital film to video transfers for 8mm Super 8 16mm VHS Beta MiniDV HDV Hi8 Digital 8 MicroMV scanned to DVD HD Blu-Ray Hard Drive Flash Drive

Enlargements & Reprints

Passport Photos

Passport, immigration, visa, FOID and resume photos while you wait.

Projector Rental

Dual 8 (8mm and Super 8), 16mm and 35mm slide projector rentals Kodak Bell & Howell

Sensor Cleaning

Professional in-house digital SLR sensor cleaning.


Looking for a real camera store?


Stop in our shop located in
Des Plaines and meet our friendly and helpful staff. We offer a complete line of digital and film cameras, lenses, flashes and other photo accessories and services, including

in-house photo processing. We also buy, sell, trade and repair new and used photographic equipment.

Alpine Camera


621 W. Golf Road

Des Plaines,

IL 60016


Tel: 847-593-4890

Fax: 847-593-4892



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